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Who we are

  • Our team has worked to perfect and deliver this disruptive technology to the hands of our users. We are medical doctors, surgeons, engineers, microbiologists, and business professionals working to dramatically improve the way in which pathogens are detected and treated. We are passionate about this product and know it will greatly change medical treatment as we know it.

What we do

  • IntelliSenze is a company which has developed an infection sensor that will dramatically change the way our world works. This technology is able to detect MRSA, tuberculosis, staphylococcus, HIV, ebola and various other pathogens within five minutes. Our technology will drastically change the way infection screening is accomplished. The applications for this infection sensing technology include but are certainly not limited to hospital admission screening, pre-surgical screening, food-borne illness testing, water quality testing, and biodefense.

Our Mission

  • Our aim is to provide the most technologically advanced and reliable methods in pathogen detection, significantly reducing the time between diagnosis and treatment. Our goal is to provide our users with a fast and effective alternative to current medical diagnostic procedures.